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coach. the wizards star has met with prosecutors from the u.s. attorney's office over allegations of gun play in the locker room. i'm doreen gentzler. the redskins and a coaching change. the team fired jim zorn early this morning and hrs later a potential replacement arrived. all eyes on mike shanahan. there is negotiations between shanahan and snooitder continue. we begin in the studio with the latest information on the change at the coaching position. lindsey. >> it's been a long day at redskins park for everybody. almost 24 hours since the redskins fired jim zorn. though the team is working to get a deal done with former broncos coach mike shanahan i'm told an announcement tomorrow is highly unlikely. there's a lot of work left to be done between the two parties. despite the fact that shanahan
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and the redskins have been in contact quite some time, nothing is finished yet. in northern virginia, the redskins wasted no time getting to work on the next project trying to ink shan ja han as the next head coach. hours after firing jim zorn shanahan touched down at dulles. you see him there in his black weather coat getting into the limousine with his wife peggy. they got into snyder's black limo and spent time meeting him including general manager bruce allen. allen spoke today about the decision to fire jim zorn. >> obviously, i've been here for three weeks. the record speaks for itself. but this morning at whenever time our plane arrived, jim and i came back to his office and discussed it at that time. i've seen it work in different ways with other teams. but jim and i had talked previously that once a decision is made, please let him know.
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and that's what we did. >> the redskins, mike shanahan have been at dan snyder ease house all evening long. i'm told no deal will be finished tonight. as you might imagine, lots of folks talking about this. many fans are hoping that a new leader will mean a new attitude here. that's something even some former players agreed with. elaine reyes spoke with arrington tonight. right now she's in potomac where negotiations continue. >> reporter: reportedly mike shanahan is in potomac spending the night at the sthooider residence. we'd love to know what's taking place behind closed doors but everyone is talking about the last 24 hours. it's the hottest topic in town. >> hard pill to swallow. >> reporter: speculation about the burgundy and gold's future filled washington's airwaves.
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out with the old and in with who? radio host and former redskins linebacker levar arrington is cautionly optimistic about a mike shanahan coaching change. >> he wants things done his way. if he's able to come in here and do things his way, do they have an opportunity? i think they have a fair shot of being successful. >> reporter: fans also have a wait and see outlook. they say they're tired of having their hearts broken. >> is john elway coming back, too? if we can get elway, it will be great. >> we'll see. time will tell. mike shanahan has what i call a retread. i think the redskins are going to the abyss. >> reporter: this seemingly covert operation, the wheeling and dealing, in the end, some wonder if a new gm and coach will bring the big "w." based on his past experiences, arrington isn't so sure. >> to insinuate that they won't get micromanaged because they're not those type of guys might
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sound good, but we all know once you sign on the dotted line, you know the story. whoever decides to be the coach who is the coach of this team has to deal with all of the mess that has been put in place from all of these years. so they're going to be judged not fairly -- they're not going to be given a clean slate opportunity. >> reporter: and the next head coach, mike shanahan or not, will be the 2 8th in franchise history. live in potomac, maryland, elaine reyes, news 4. our coverage of the coaching change will continue online at and "news 4 today" will have any new developments. that begins at 4:55 tomorrow morning. now on to the wizards and the gun probe involving gilbert arenas. arenas met with federal prosecutors and d.c. police detectives for a couple of hours to explain why he brought four guns into the team's locker room
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at the verizon scaent. a grand jury will decide whether he should face charges. sparked by a new york post report last week that said arenas and teammate javaris crittenton drew guns on each other in a dispute over a gambling debt. arenas denies the report and in a statement says he took the guns out of his locker, quote, in a misguided effort to play a joke on a teammate. his statement goes on to say, joke or not i now realize what i did was a mistake and was wrong. i should not have brought the guns to d.c. in the first place and goes ono say, i now realize there's no such thing joking around when it comes to guns even if unloaded. today's apology had much different tone than his initial reaction last friday. he tweeted, i wake up this morning and seen i was the new john wayne. he also said, media is too funny. the seriousness of the situation may be sinking in.
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even if he's not charged criminally he could face discipline from the nba. an intertional search is now under way for the man accused of shooting an economist for the international monetary fund. that attack happened in the victim's driveway last fall. but police say if stems from their relationship at the imf more than a year ago. jackie benson is in bethesda with more. >> reporter: this news brings some sense of relief to neighbors worried about random crime. police believe the suspect may have fled to china. neighbors say they continue to feel great sympathy for the victim's family, but are relieved to learn the shooting that shocked this neighborhood last fall was not a random crime. >> we talked about it as our neighborhood, yeah. it feels just slightly better that it' -- i feel really bad for him and the family, though. i really do. they're a nice family. >> reporter: the suspect, 36-year-old mo haw mathibe, a
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south african national, is an economist that woshtiond two years at the international monetary fund in northwest washington. detectives investigating an alarming 2009 shooting at bethesda at the home of 54-year-old ashoka mody, also an economist, learned the two men worked together. >> detectives obtained a charging document for a former employee of the imf who actually had a brief supervisory relationship with mr. mody, with mr. mody being the supervisor. >> reporter: news 4 learned mathibe may have harbored some resentment against mowed y ya w his contract was not removed. mody was near death when transported by ambulance to a local hospital where he spent weeks in recovery. police received pictures of a ski mask at the scene as well as the photo of a car similar to mathibe. >> some witnesses reported that they saw a small, dark-colored
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vehicle leaving the scene of the crime with the lights off. >> reporter: the suspect left the imf a year and a half before the shooting. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen. thanks, jackie. still ahead, other countries follow the u.s.'s lead in closing its embassy in yemen. a new problem for the white house. the salahis were not the only uninvited guests at that state dinner. the doctor of the woman known as the octomom facing disciplinary. anything to celebrate in the weather department, bob? >> it's not quite as windy. but our cold, cold pattern continues. heading out to school and tomorrow morning to work, bundle up. i'll tell yo
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the state gpt says the u.s. embassy in yemen might be open tomorrow. despite fears of a terrorist attack. the u.s. and british embassies closed yesterday. that's when the government in
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yemen told all western countries about a bombing plot that might target the embassies. nbc news learned today that plot came from al qaeda and may involve trucks loaded with explosives. france, germany and spain also closed their embassies today. five men from the washington area are being held in pakistan say they're not terrorists. the group made a court appearance today, nearly a month after being arrested in eastern pakistan. one of the men, howard university dental student, said they were planning to go to afghanistan to help fellow muslims, presumably by joining the fight against americans. he denied ties with al qaeda and denied plots to carry out terrorist attacks in pakistan. pakistani police say they still plan to seek life sentences for the five under the country's anti-terrorism law. a federal court in richmond, virginia, denied an appeal by one of the september 11th plotters. his name is za care just
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moussaoui. the three-judge panel unanimously rejected his request to throw out his conviction. moussaoui said he was denied access to potentially helpful evidce ding the trial. he also claimed his right to choose an attorney was violated. moussaoui is the only person to stand trial for those attacks. he is serving a life term at a federal prison in colorado. still to come tonight, the story of a local surgeon who decided that his talents could best be used on the front lines in afghanistan. hustle and bustle of national airport came to a stop today. somebody filmed the wrong switch. bob back to
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the fertility doctor who treated the octomom is facing disciplinary action from the california medical board. he was accused of negligence and of violating professional guidelines. it's all because of his dealings with nadya suleeman. the report does not mention suleman, also known as octomom only by his initials. she gave birth to octuplets back in january. she already had six kids at the time. a date for the hearing for the doctor has not been set yet. as more u.s. troops get the call to deploy to afghanistan, one local surgeon is hearing his
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own call to duty. in tonight's news for your health report, a veteran doctor fulfills his duty to protect the lives of soldiers in afghanistan. >> reporter: from the familiarity of this d.c. operating room to the chaos of war in afghanistan -- >> abdominal injuries, chest injuries, head injuries, burns, electrical injuries. >> reporter: george washington university cardiac surgeon dr. frederick lau is starting his new year in a new environment. >> personally, i decided that i needed to participate more fully, so i started to investigate opportunities to go to either iraq or afghanistan. >> reporter: because of the president's call to ramp up u.s. troops, lau, who is a colonel in the u.s. army medical corps, is being sent to western afghanistan to work as a surgeon at a combat hospital. he'll be treating troops injured on the front lines of war. >> i think it will be obviously military casualties and most will be soldiers exposed to
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improvised explosive devices, the ieds. >> reporter: he served in the army more than 17 years. he was working as a cardiac surgeon at g.w. hospital when he decided to join the army reserves. he said he asked to be called into active duty. >> people that are out there defending america, the men and women, both the young and the more senior, are very courageous people, and they're real heroes. and they deserve good medical care. >> reporter: lau says his family is supporting his decision because the military has been a common thread for all five of his children, including these two sons who are now west point cadets. >> it is difficult, because it's been going on for so long. the conflict has been going on for so long, the injuries are life-changing. so that part is hard. >> reporter: colonel lau knows that working in an o.r. in a war zone will be a completely different experience from the safety of a d.c. hospital. it's a huge challenge but one with great rewards.
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>> in some ways, clarifying, cause there are no issues of insurance and all of that sort of situation. in medicine, it's really just take care of the patient, which is what we all signed on as doctors in the first place. >> dr. lau says he expects to be in afghanistan for about three months. he also anticipates that his own children in the military will deploy to afghanistan in the near future as well. >> remarkable people. >> special kind of person. >> yes, indeed. so it is really cold out there. >> and it's going to continue. >> relentless. >> at least the wind has diminished a little bit. so instead of 15 below zero, it only feels like it's near zero. >> okay. >> it's sort of a -- >> oh, joy. >> a bit of a not as bitterly cold trend. outside, this is how our sky looked. and those winds were still coming and you could see the clouds moving. 28 degrees outside right now. we did make it above freezing.
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but at this rate we would sill be having probably the coldest january we've had since the mid '70s and i think it will continue, this pattern anyhow, on into the weekend and early next week. look at the high temperatures today. not onlyround us. we were 34. but 32 in atlanta. down in florida, 48 degrees. look at dallas. p the 39 degrees all over the east. just about the entire country seeing temperatures 15, 20, 25 degrees below average. right now, the current temperatures are once again into the teens. this has been really a brutal, cold spell. there's the jet stream diving to the south. meanwhile, up in new england, it's been a huge storm that has brought in all of this frigid air. over the weekend, 33 inches of snow in burlington, vermont. the greatest snow that they've ever had. even for burlington. and there are still some winter weather advisories out the
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mountains of west virginia. and windchills are still out. windchill advisories. because it feels like it's below zero right now in kansas city. the temperature is 2 degrees. kansas city, missouri. nothing really around us. there may be a few snow flurries fo folks up around northern maryland. and because of that pattern, even though the winds have diminished a bit, there are still lingering snow flurries and snow squalls out the mountains of west virginia, around the lakes. some spots have had a foot of snow. manassas right now 2 7. when you head out tomorrow morning, it will feel like it's near zero. silver springs, at least the winds have diminished. nonetheless, it is still a very, very cold night. so overnight tonight, we'll still see that pressure gradient around us. not as brutally windy as it was over the weekend and yesterday, but winds still 10 to 15 miles an hour will make it feel in the morning like it's 0 to 5 to 10. quite cold tomorrow. we'll see a mixture of clouds
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and sunshine. maybe a passing snow flurry out in the mountains of west virginia panhandle for you folks up around charleston, spots like that. harper's ferry. temperatures barely above freezing for a couple of hours and more of the same on tap for wednesday. late in the week, a little bit of moisture. maybe a passing snow flurry. that's all that is on friday. snow lovers, don't get too excited. when it's this cold, we don't need snow on top of it. and then on into next week, no really big change in the pattern. well below average into a week from now. >> the piles of snow will never melt, are they? >> they sort of just shrink. >> i have seen very little shrinkage lately. coming up tonight, power outage at national airport. >> turns out the salahis had company in crashing a white house state dinner. mike
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so it's mikeshanahan or we just don't know? >> it could be mike shanahan and could be something that's announced tomorrow. could be later. could be next week. >> seems like we just went through this only -- >> exactly. this is the guy that they're going over. here's with a we know. the redskins discussed terms with shanahan. however, there's still a lot of work to be done. i'm told it's highly unlikely an announcement will be made tomorrow. while the parties expect to get more serious tomorrow, they aren't there yet. that said, the redskins want it done as soon as possible but the general manager said they'll wait as long as they have to to get it done right. 12 hours after jim zorn was fired, mike shanahan touched down at dulles joined by his
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wife peggy that you see there. they got into dan snyder's limo. i'm told they went to dan snyder's house where they've been meeting soon. shanahan's son kyle is the offensive coordinator with the texans who has let his coach now if his father gets the d.c. job he intends to go with him. his reputation, no nonsense. the approach is exciting for some players. for bruce allen, whoever the coach is, needs to have certain characteristics. >> we need to find a passionate coach, a winning coach that can come in and lead the men that were in this room earlier, because maybe some of our greatest improvements is our players that are already on our roster playing better. >> his pedigree is pretty remarkable. he's one of the better coaches out there right now. and he's had some real interesting quarterbacks. loob at the quarterbacks he had on the roster before, guys like jay plummer. not the biggest or prototypical. whoever we choose, though, you really doesn't know. but whoever the coach is,
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hopefully they like me and give me a great shop. >> brennan and the redskins facing a lot of uncertainty. you talk about the coaching staff. everybody is walking around with no clue about what their future holds. >> it's not a good time in that regard. >> scary time for them i believe. the redskins players and coaches were told in meetings today that their fate would be determined once a new coaching staff is in place. meanwhile, shifting gears, tonight, george mason basketball hosted hofstra. a solid team effort but hofstra was handcuffed by the freshman. 1 pth conference win at home. mason nation all pumped up before this game. they got to be. late in the first half, patriots down two. hofstra with the inbound. morris son tims away. hancock corrals it, behind the black to long for the dunk. tied at 23 at the break. second half, hofstra sinks. on the break after the patriots miss.
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hancock with the quick pace, in for the jam. mason up four. more from hancock. off the pride miss. finds pearson ahead the defense, lays it up and in, gets the foul. george mason beats hofstra 67-63. to burr arena on the campus of howard. navy visiting the howard bison. first half, mids looked like they were on the way to the third win in a row. sugar knocks down the three. he had 17 for the midshipmen who led by as many as 1 is points in the first half. but in the second half, the bison outscored navy by 13 points. howard had four players in double figures. adrian collins with a nice drive along the baseline for the lay-up. howard 72-65 over navy. >> maybe they'll get at least five or six people up in the stands. >> it looked extremely bear.
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and it's a fun environment. they should get more people down there. maybe up should lead the charge. >> okay. something else to do, right? thanks, lindsey. up next, a
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it is possible that alcohol played a role in an accident in the park that killed a johns hopkins graduate. the car was found submerged in the creek yesterday morning. it's still not clear exactly when the crash happened. park police continue to investigate. a miscue at a substation led to a power failure at national airport this afternoon. passengers had to wait in long lines after baggage carousals,
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airline computers and security equipment stopped working. some outbound flights were delayed but a back-up system kept the control tower operating and incoming planes were ae to land. the outage began at 12:30 and lasted about an hour.
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the secret service now says
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a third uninvited guest was able to crash the white house state dinner back in november. while reviewing how michaele and tarek salliy got in they found another one was allowed. carlos allen, a d.c. party promoter. he arrived with india's delegation. he did go through security but neither he nor the salahis were subjected to a standard security background check. we end tonight with a celebration about a woman who has seen a lot in her lifetime. eddye williams is 110 years old tonight. she celebrated at home in northeast washington with family and friends. she's believed to be washington's oldest residents. >> happy birthday. >> indeed. good night.
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